TLC is a gift to your family and to the world

allowing you to leave your mark on the universe.

About Us

Our Philosophy: The History of You

History is a continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present. While a timeline is a written and linear representation of that history showing the order in which events happened.

TimeLine Continuum Personal (TLCp) has been developed to assist users to write their own personal story and present it in a timeline. You can also write the story of your family, your business or your football club.

TLCp can enable users to leave behind their unique story for their family or for posterity. We believe that everyone on the planet should have a way to leave their footprint in the sands of time.

The choice however will always remain with the writer whether to keep their story private, or to allow it to be released to the world, at some future date in time.

TLCp also undertakes to keep its structure simple and as user friendly as possible. The concept of easy data entry and editing of events will always be foremost in our development plans.

As the writer, your story, written through TLCp, always belongs to you, and, while the use of strong passwords and backup paths is encouraged to safeguard your account and your story, TLCp’s team will make every effort to maintain its integrity and security.

Tell your story!Include photos, images, videos, and audios and make them part of the indelible mark you can leave in history using TimeLine Continuum Personal .