Write your History

Creating an account is the first step in

writing your history. You can create, edit,

view and share your continuum.

A continuum is a specific timeline about your

life. This can be about you, your family,

a special event, or a project that you want to


Catchclauses are events in your continuum.

To create an event, all you need is an event

name, a date, and a narrative detail. You

can include photos, images, videos, and

links for a beautiful presentation!

Write the "history of you"

History is the continuum of events occurring in succession from the past to the present. Your timeline shows the order of related events as they occurred.

"Tell your story! Include photos, images, internet links, and videos to make them part of your indelible mark.


"Yes, we are an insignificant speck in an infinite universe but

we are also rare. And because we are rare, we are valuable."

- Professor Brian Cox